Don’t get FOMO! These are the apps you need to keep up with all your friends this summer

Summertime is well and truly here. You’re making your plans, you’re trying to involve all your pals… but you’ve all got different phones.


iMessage is out of the question, you’re bored of WhatsApp and who still sends text messages? Bye!


Truth is, there’s loads of alternative messaging options available on your respective app stores. Just remember to get all your friends to move with you otherwise you’ll be the only one at the party.


We’ve selected and reviewed a few apps so you don’t have to waste your time (and your data) in downloading them.

1) Wire Messenger: We really like the simplistic and clean interface of Wire. Sure, it’s a little bit boring to look at but it’s clean, fast and has free video AND voice calling. It’s got everything you could ever need.


2) n-gage: n-gage’s interface isn’t the prettiest but boy, the features are jam packed. You can broadcast messages to 500 people, schedule messages (so you’ll never miss a birthday again) plus there’s special features such as Blink Chat, which allows messages to expire similar to Snapchat and Safe Chat, which sends messages that need to be unlocked by your friends before they’re read. Amazing.

3) LINE: LINE is probably the closest competitor to WhatsApp in terms of layout but it has some additional features over it’s competitor; the most important one being STICKERS. You can alo make and receive voice & video calls PLUS send pictures and video clips.


4) Squad: Round up the girl squad with this app. You can see what your friends are up to every hour, update your status with a selfie and letting your friends know you’re available is as easy as shaking your phone. Plus group chats are always available.


5) Shuff: This app works in real time which means you can literally see every single letter your friends type. Even the mistakes. But messages aren’t stored and you can “shuff” your letters and words so no one else can see what you’re typing. Total privacy.

6) Beamit: Beamit is similar to Snapchat in that you can send each other pictures but with Beamit you can send more than one at a time and your friends can leave likes and comments. Best of all, not only do these all expire just like Snapchat, you can also unsend that selfie you thought looked great but realised isn’t cute at all. It’s pretty perfect.

So which of these apps will your friends be using this summer? Tell us which one is your fave and why @maximumpop

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