14 Demi Lovato deep cuts that should have been massive hit singles

OK so Demi practically rules the charts, right? She’s had stacks of hits all over the world and we adore every single one of them. But what about all those underappreciated album tracks which never got their chance to shine? They’re every bit as powerful as ‘Skyscraper’, just as sexy as ‘Cool for the Summer’ and some of them show off her amazing vocals even better.

Now is the time to give the Demi album tracks the respect they deserve. Let us know which out of these 14 deep cuts is your fave or if we missed any from the list.

1. ‘Without the Love’ (‘Demi)

OMG our hearts bleed at the thought of this beautiful work of art being forgotten. “What good is a love song… without Demi”

2. ‘All Night Long’ (‘Unbroken’)

We love party-starter Demi! We could listen to this track all day and all night long!

3. ‘Got Dynamite’ (‘Here We Go Again’)

This song is pure dynamite and an essential deep cut for any dedicated fan.

4. ‘Two Pieces’ (‘Demi’)

That marching beat and the crashing drums make this one of Demi’s best ballads. Her voice has rarely sounded better.

5. ‘Trainwreck’ (‘Don’t Forget’)

Everyone loves to love a hot mess and so does Demi apparently. But legend has it that perhaps Demi is singing this one to herself.

6. ‘Warrior’ (‘Demi’)

We like it when Demi sings with that confident power of someone who has been in the wars.

7. ‘Unbroken’ (‘Unbroken’)

On an album full of pain this song was a ray of light and a rare upbeat moment when Demi truly let herself go.

8. ‘Fire Starter’ (‘Demi’)

‘Fire Starter’ just makes us want to bounce around the room like a crazy person. It’s an empowerment jam to the max.

9. ‘Who’s that Boy’ (‘Unbroken’)

‘Who’s that Boy’ is the perfect example of Demi’s versatility. She blasts the ballads, but she can also rock a summery upbeat tune like no other.

10. ‘Lightweight’ (‘Unbroken’)

An interesting twist on the traditional Demi ballad. The production on ‘Lightweight’ really helps the track stand out, and Demi’s soaring vocals slay us every time.

11. ‘Believe In Me’ (‘Don’t Forget’)

A true classic. We will always come back to this one.

12. ‘Two Worlds Collide’ (‘Don’t Forget’)

This has always been and always will be a firm fan fave. La-di-da-di-da!

13. ‘Mr. Hughes’ (‘Confident’)

We have no clue what inspired ‘Mr. Hughes’. Is it inspired by a true story? It sounds like she’s singing to a teacher, but then the lyrics are a little bit too sexy for that. Or are they? The mystery continues.

14. ‘The Middle’ (‘Don’t Forget’)


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