These Little Mix and Niall Horan covers will have you raging that you’d never heard them before

If Radio 1 has taught us anything, it’s that a good cover can change the whole. Damn. Song. Seriously, JB covering Fast Car, the 1975 doing BiebsNick Jonas singing ‘Lush Life’…we adore covers when they’re done as right as these are.

so so good

Some covers, however, aren’t as easy to find as scrolling through the Radio1VEVO channel. Some covers you gotta go digging for, and DIG WE HAVE DONE. Just for you.

Feast your eyes and ears on some of the most gorgeous covers this side of the Internet, that you most likely haven’t even heard of yet.

‘Shout Out to My Ex’ – Sruthi 

Sruthi describes herself as “a girl with a room full of posters, a guitar and a camera”, and we’d like to add a whole load of flippin’ talent to that list.

If you hadn’t noticed, we’re major Little Mix fans, and this girl has got our seal of approval. Keep on blasting that chorus, Sruthi, we’re loving it!

‘Fancy’ – Catherine Cromie

Catherine is a singer-songwriter living in the US after moving from the Emerald Isle. She has been posting videos on YouTube since May 2011 and slaying ever since.

Seriously, check out how good Iggy Azalea sounds in this totally mixed up version of ‘Fancy’:

Her latest video is a cover of The Weekend’s ‘Starboy’ and it’s all kinds of dark and dreamy.

‘Secret Love Song’ – Rhap Salazar

You might remember Rhap Salazar from a certain talk show, breaking hearts with his soulful voice back when he was just twelve years old. No, can’t think of it? Maybe this will jog your memory:

Now twenty, this Filipino singer-song writer is totally SLAYING at Little Mix’s ‘Secret Love Song’. Cos, seriously? Those high notes? You’re killin’ it, Rhap, killin’ it.

‘This Town’ – Shawn Fattahi

Shawna’s cover of Niall Horan’s ‘This Town’ is, quite frankly, completely and utterly gorgeous. This lovely lady does the ex-1D boyband member proud with this pitch-perfect cover.

And if you loved this, you should seen Shawna on Vine for more exceptional, musical snippets. Careful, though – it’s way too easy to get lost scrolling through these lovely 6-second clips.

Various – Emma Horan

Emma Horan is another lady from Ireland who’s got serious talent. She originally started posted mash-up videos on Facebook, and soon sky-rocketed to a record deal and writing her own songs. Here’s an unreal cover of Labyrinth, Usher, Jason Derulo and Mumford and Sons – to name a few (skip to 3:10).

Know any other amazing covers that you’re sure no one else has heard of, or are YOU a cover artist that we really need to know about it? Don’t keep it your little secret guys – spill the beans in the comments below!

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Written by Laura Fulton

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