7 book trailers that are better than binging on Netflix

What do you do when you’re not reading books? Watching videos about books, of course.


Publishers and authors have seriously upped their book trailer game with vids becoming more and more dramatic and cinematic. And they’re giving us a mighty need… to read! Here’s a few of our faves:

1. ‘Three Dark Crowns’ by Kendare Blake (by ‘Epic Reads’)

Epic Reads are essentially the killers of book trailers. Literally the best. We could have filled this whole post with their creations. The temptation was strong…

Why do we love this trailer? Firstly because it fans the flames of a mighty need for this book, flames that were already raging hard. Secondly, it has a wonderfully dramatic and slightly creepy element to it with the limerick being recited.

It harks back to proper gutsy fantasy while also giving us a little classic fairytale too. Need. Need now. (Expected 22nd September 2016)

2. ‘The Walled City’ by Ryan Graudin (by ‘Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)

Film noir anyone? The way this has a edgy, ‘Sin City’ vibe totally gets our hearts racing.

A slightly older book, but it makes us want to re-read right here, right now. Dark and thrilling, adrenaline pumping, sinister. It’s a very clever video.

3. ‘The Glittering Court’ by Richelle Mead (by ‘Penguin Teen’)

Oh, Penguin, when you get it right, you get it REALLY right.

This is 15 seconds long. That’s all you get. And yet, we’ve not felt the same punchy, heart fluttering excitement from another trailer.  Flashy, gaudy, eccentric. Want it. It’s almost Gatsby-esque too, don’t you think?

There is a sister video to this one called ‘Meet Adelaide in the Glittering Court’ but the MP! in-house Slytherins were vibing too intensely off the colour scheme in this one.

4. ‘The Dead House’ by Dawn Kurtagich (by ‘Little, Brown Books for Young Readers’)

This is for the US version of the book, but the story remains the same and any horror lovers out there will simple DIE for the scratchy, jump-scare elements in this trailer.

Echoes of ‘The Ring’ or the way sound is used in ‘Silent Hill’ make us shiver both in fear and in delight, and although this book has been out for a little while, it still haunts us. Even more so after watching this.

5. ‘Vengeance Road’ by Erin Bowman (by ‘Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’)

If horror isn’t your thing then this classic western style just might be your jam.

This trailer is so much fun and cleverly draws on that grungy, historical cowboy element from the book. Hang your hat, pull off your cowboy boots and kick back to a great story. YEEHAW!

6. ‘How to Hang a Witch’ by Adriana Mather (by ‘Random House Kids’)

This is more like a movie trailer, or at least a kickass, moody, teen TV show, right?

And we want to watch it. But we’re happy to settle for the book instead. It has everything you need; the set up, the history, the danger element. It’s ticking boxes. All of them.

7. ‘Glass Sword’ by Victoria Aveyard (by ‘Epic Reads’)

Epic Reads, our first and last! We love the change in Mare from the first to the second trailer, and if you’ve read ‘Red Queen’ then you’ll totally be digging this.

A stirring watch, it gets us pumped for action, for the coming challenges, for the immediate re-read of this series while we wait for book 3…

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Written by Sarah Clare

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Sarah is currently working on an expose on Draco Malfoy in her spare time. But not if his father hears about it.

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