The best Bieber tracks you forgot about. Don’t worry it will ‘Be Alright’.

So because it’s Friday we thought what better way to spend it than remember every single Justin Bieber song we some how managed to forget. We are ashamed of ourselves but bloody happy we done this. From us and tiny Bieber, you’re welcome.

1. Justin Bieber – Be Alright [Acoustic] (Album – Acoustic CD)tumblr_muofqgYrQR1qfclfvo4_r1_250

Okay so you may have completely forgot about Bieber’s acoustic album but when you remember it, this baby is such a find. Tracks and tracks of Justin being flawless.

2. Justin Bieber – Fall (Album – Believe)tumblr_mewtdaPzWe1r9alaeo1_500

How could we have forgotten about this, this is one of the great Bieber love songs!

3. Chris Brown – Next To You Ft. Justin Bieber (Album – My World)

Who could forget this one from Chris Brown feating our boy Biebs, maybe us because look at how tiny he is!

4. Justin Bieber – One Less Lonely Girl (Album – My World)tumblr_inline_mlgwgtIKAl1qz4rgp

We didn’t actually forget about this one, we just forever dream of being ‘One Less Lonely Girl.’ You know in his movies (yes we’ve seen them, obvz) when his management pick a girl to go up on stage during OLLG and Justin sings to them and gives them flowers? Yup that’s pretty must the only important thing on our list of things to do before we die.

5. Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me Ft. Big Sean (Album – Believe)large (2)

Okay just the opening to this song’s video when Justin’s not even talking but he say’s he loves her (his on screen incredible looking girlfirend) melts our hearts.

6. Justin Bieber – Baby Ft. Ludacris (Album – My World)

We hope you hadn’t forgot about this one, how could you? But if you had, you’re welcome. We love ‘Baby’ Biebs

7. Justin Bieber – One Time (Album – My World)tumblr_m82wmwFgQH1qgyi0go1_500

And we double hope you haven’t forgot Canadian pop sensation Justin Biebers first every trackkkkk. Where he made us all fall in love him (maybe not in the same way as we love him now) and let us know he was super tight with Usher.

8. Justin Bieber – U Smile (Album – My World)

Just the actual thought of us meeting Bieber and us smiling and then him smiling makes this song very hard to listen to without throwing up.

9. Justin Bieber – Boyfriend (Album – Believe)justin-bieber-boyfriend

Who could forget this one? We are pretty sure the whole female population went into melt down when their boyfriend wrote a song called boyfriend.

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