Beside The Bridge is the band you wish you would’ve known about your whole life – here’s everything you need to know

Are you all ready to be obsessed with another band? Because today we’re gonna introduce you to ‘Beside The Bridge’ and believe us, you’re going to fall in love with them in seconds.

‘Beside the Bridge’, who play pop and rock songs, consists of five lovely Swedish boys – Joel Chew, Niklas Wistrand, Charlie Karlgren, Ludvig Algovik and Rasmus Blomquist. All of them met in kindergarten and went to school together and since they’re all dreadful at sports, decided to make music together and are now blessing our ears.

And since we’re in love with them already, here are some cute and random facts about them:

  1. They were all born in 1994, which is a great year tbh.

2. They’ve had quite a few names before ‘Beside The Bridge’, including ‘Name’, ‘Swedish Meatballs, ‘Almond’ and more.

3. They eventually named the band ‘Beside The Bridge’ because the town next to their hometown is called ‘Bro’ which means bridge in Swedish and they found that to be quite odd.

4. They’ve participated in numerous music competitions.

5. They’re all obsessed with their hair.

6. They’ve played in pretty much every youth center in Sweden, so maybe you’ve been so lucky to have seen them already.

7.  Charlie, the guitarist, is terrified of bees.

8. Ludvig, the other guitarist, spends 1/3 of his day in the bathroom.

9. Niklas, the bassist, was the happiest and chubbiest kid on the playground – awwww.

10. Joel, the singer, loves microphones and home security.

11. Rasmus, the drummer, has the most annoying but also best laugh.

12. They love interacting with their fans on social media, so hit them up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

And if you’ve gone through their covers on Youtube embarrassingly quickly like we have, then don’t worry, they’re planning on coming out with original music this year. Oh, and they have amazing merch on their website as well, so check them out.

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