INTERVIEW: We speak to ‘I Hate My Life’ singers Beside The Bridge.

After we exclusively (ooooh!) premiered the music video for their new single ‘I Hate My Life’, we had a little chat with Swedish boyband Beside the Bridge about bowling with 5SOS, burping on girls and lots more.


For those who haven’t heard of you guys, how would you describe the sound of Beside The Bridge?

We’re basically a pop/rock band with high, melodic vocals and a touch of heavier instrumental parts. When we first started out we played a lot of heavier stuff so I guess there’s some metal still left in us!

How did you guys first get together?

We have all known each other for a very long time. Joel, Niklas and Charlie went to kindergarten together and have been friends for 15+ years. Everyone of us went to school together, one way or another, and we started out just messing around during music classes. At around the same time that we realized a rock band has to have a drummer to be any good, Rasmus just popped up and took that spot. Soon enough we started doing covers and one of our first ever shows was just us standing outside of the local burger joint. Something was still missing though and after trying out a couple of second guitarists we met Ludvig. That’s when things really started to feel right.

Who would you say influences your music style?

Everyone in the band takes part in writing new stuff and we all have varying tastes in music, which makes the process really interesting. We usually end up with a great big sauce that we all helped get the ingredients for! When it comes to artists and bands we all like The 1975, 5SOS and Sleeping With Sirens.

You’re releasing a new single – what would you say the song is about? 

When you hear the title ‘I Hate My Life’ we understand that some people might raise an eyebrow or two. But it’s really not as depressing as it sounds. It’s all about those days when nothing’s going your way even though you’re working hard and doing your best. We think it’s something most people can relate to! We wanted the song to have a light hearted feel to it and we think people might understand what we’re getting at once they listen to it.

If you could get together with anyone in the music industry to write and produce a record, who would it be and why?

We wanna get the chance to work with as many great writers and producers as possible but the obvious choice would be Max Martin, the legend himself! That guy has done it all and we hope he’d like to work with us someday!

Where is one place in the world you would love to visit and perform? 

First of all we’d love to go to the UK! We’re very close to our fans and we happen to know we have a few who’d love for us to come over and meet them. And it’s convenient, since it’s pretty close by. Of course we’d love to go everywhere but the UK is the first stop for sure!

What can we expect from you in the near future?

This single has been a long time coming and we’ve worked hard on it, but we’re still eager to start working on new things. We have some plans and we might even have something new in the works already! One thing that’s for sure is that we wanna get out and play for as many of our fans that we can ASAP.


Tour with One Direction or The Vamps?

The Vamps seem like really great lads but we’re gonna have to go with 1D. We wanna know Harry’s hair secrets!


Partying all night or massive lads night in?

Partying! Nothing’s more fun than a night out with the entire band and just going nuts.

Bowling with 5SOS or Go Karting with The Weeknd?

Bowling with 5SOS! We’d probably get our asses handed to us but it’d make for an awesome day!

Phone or Laptop?

Phones, simply because of social media. It’s the easiest and best way to connect with our fans.

Ripping your jeans on stage or burping over the girl you like? 

Most of our jeans are already ripped so maybe one more tear isn’t gonna make much of a difference! Burping is just good fun anyways.

Beside The Bridge’s ‘I Hate My Life’ is out now for just 79p. What a bloomin’ bargain! Buy here.

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