8 lol-worthy things that happened during Benedict Cumberbatch #cumberfever at YALC

“Petition to rename YALC as BCLC (Benedict Cumberbatch Literary Convention)”

The secret’s out and there’s no use him denying it any longer… Benedict Cumberbatch is a massive YA fanboy. That’s right, guys and girls – you heard us correctly. Benedict loves YA.

In fact, we reckon he’ll be taking Arthur Conan Doyle off his TBR list and replacing him with the likes of Juno Dawson, Patrick Ness and Malorie Blackman very, very soon.

As regular readers of MP! will know, we were at YALC last weekend. The convention is a book lover’s paradise and is full to the brim of incredible young adult reads and guest panels.

It’s also part of London Film and Comic Con, which explains why Sherlock himself was strolling across the floor all weekend.

Benedict walked in on author Non Pratt shaving her head for charity. He also stumbled into a life advice talk with Hannah Witton, Holly Bourne and Sara Barnard. It was #cumberfever at it’s finest.


Here are 8 other lol-worthy things that happened when Benedict Cumberbatch stepped out onto the YALC floor.


2. He convinced everyone that YALC needs to be renamed

3. He turned us into absolute spies with these sneaky video clips

4. He created soooo many lol-worthy moments throughout the weekend

5. He caused plenty of near-death experiences too!

6. He told his famous pals to pop along

7. He encouraged people to start thinking about next year’s YALC

8. He has set unrealistic expectations for the rest of the week

Fancy coming along to YALC 2018? Of course you do! You can keep up to date with YALC 2018 announcements by following the team on Twitter at @YALC_UK. If you were at this year’s YALC, leave a comment below and tell us your favourite memory.

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