The Big Interview: Disney star Bella Thorne likes to munch on whole cloves of garlic, bet you didn’t know that!

We asked popular YouTuber Doug Armstrong to have a quick chat with the beautiful Bella Thorne who is currently starring in the latest Disney movie with the longest title we have ever seen, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”. Bella is a young actress who became known for her Imagen and Young Artist Award-winning role as dancer CeCe Jones on Disney’s ‘Shake It Up’. She also won a Young Artist Award for Best Performance for her role in the series ‘My Own Worst Enemy’. So you can understand our excitement to get her on the phone.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Hello? Dougie man! Dougie, my man !

Hello! Hey Bella, how are you?

I’m pretty okay you know, pretty okay!

Doing good? Quite a few interviews today?

Yeah! Thank you for interviewing me today. [MP! note: She’s very polite.]

No worries, thank you! So let’s get to know you a bit more. What’s your morning routine?

My morning routine is I get up, I look at my face in the mirror and I have to wash it. And I just dread washing my face. Hahaha!


I really do! So I wash my face and I brush my teeth. I have this really cool toothbrush that has like a blue light in it and it like, it’s really cool and it lights up.

That’s cool. Good way to wake up.

And the… Errm, I dread putting creams on yes I do. I really don’t like putting creams on my body and I don’t necessarily shave my legs all the time so don’t expect it! Errm and then I have to look at what scripts I’m doing and what I’m doing or you know and throw on an outfit or something.

Haha! Okay cool sounds good. So our friends The Vamps wrote a song for the film, if you could sum up yourself with one song what would it be?

So one song that I love?….

Or one that like sums you up. Rings true to you?

I’m thinking…

You’re thinking? It’s a tricky one!

(Talking to someone else) Hahaha about my hair? Errm I’m trying to think hold on! Ooh ‘Riptide’.

Which one?

It’s really cool. It’s by Vance Joy it’s really, it’s a really indie song. And when I play it with Bella we just blast it and we are so obnoxious and I sing at the top of my lungs and when the chorus hits I get so happy like it just brings so much happiness to me.

Haha! Well I’m going to listen to that and I’m going to think about you when I do. So tell me about your day tomorrow, is it going to be a good day or a bad day?

What do we have to do tomorrow? Broadcast interviews! You know that could be a bad day…

Haha! Sounds like a busy one

Yeah! I guess that is yeah! That’s tomorrow and it is press stuff. I don’t love getting all dolled up and you know all that kind of stuff so whatever, but I love my team and I love the people I work with and so they’re always fun to have around.

At least some parts will be fun then. So in the movie you have a boyfriend Anthony. What qualities would your ideal boyfriend have in real life?

My boyfriend? Well I still don’t have a boyfriend.

If you had one what qualities would they need? Hypothetically. 

What qualities does he need to have? He needs to have romance I’m sorry, I’m a huge romancer.  If he can’t give me like the full on annoying all over me romance like I am just one of those people. Don’t hate me, but I am. And if we’re gonna go on a date and you don’t send me flowers the next day you know what, that is not cool! That’s not a homie move! I don’t think that’s cool and then I’m gonna call you dude and I’m gonna keep putting you in the friend-zone by calling you ‘bro’ every time I see you.

You sound quite like your character then in that aspect I guess.

I just like a little bit of …I just, look! It was always a thing back in the day for guys, it was like expected that guys would send girls roses after they saw them of course because it was a respectable thing like letting you know ‘hey thanks for letting me take you out’ or whatever. Nowadays guys just don’t even do that, and they don’t think it’s expected and I think that’s messed up! I don’t think that’s cool.

You’re right! The romance has gone hasn’t it?


Well maybe…because the next question is, if it was your birthday today what would you wish for? Would it be that? For it to come back? Or is it that or something else you would wish for?

It’s actually coming right up! Haha! It’s my birthday coming up and if I wanted to wish for something, I would wish for that kids in Africa were to have more clean water like the Thirst Project Foundation it helps them with and I’m involved with the Thirst Project but I think that more people should be involved. There is never too much help and that would be amazing because a lot of people don’t realise that so many people die of not having clean water like more than wars and diseases combined, like it’s actually crazy how many people die! How many is the average? It’s like 800,000. Something crazy, like crazy!

Wow, that’s amazing! That’s a very nice answer then.


Thank you! So next question, have you been to England my home country and if so what is your favourite place or good experience that you had there?

In England? Errm yeah I have. No wait! I’m trying to think. Yeah well errm.. I went to London, I’ve been to London but you know what, I was much younger so I kinda don’t count it cause I didn’t have an amazing time and everybody that I tell nowadays, When I’m like ‘’ I hate London! I don’t wanna go there!’’

Ahh oh no!

But there like ‘’well you didn’t experience it well because you went when you were so young so didn’t get to see it.’’ And so now I kinda wanna go and see it and experience all the restaurants cause the food there, I wasn’t that happy with because I’m a big, like I love spicy food. I love garlic, I can eat a whole garlic clove like I can bite it like an apple!

Haha really?

My taste buds are ridiculous. Like, the way they look at you when you ask for hot sauce is like you’re crazy like literally your crazy. It’s like when you go out and you ask for extra soya sauce.

Really? That’s crazy well I think you need to come back and you need to re-experience it cause I’m a hot sauce fan and people love it over here.

Haha! I have a lot of friends that are from London too like literally. Like I actually have two who I just saw last night and they are both from London and they were just talking with their freaking London accents, their British accents and they’re just like, ‘‘Oh where are you from?’’, ‘’ London’’, ‘’Oh? Where are you from?’’ ‘’London’’, and I was like look at you both Hahaha!

Sounds like you need to come back I think and experience the whole English-London accents and everything.

Yeah but like, if so, with someone whose from London, they can show me around and tell me what’s cool and what’s fun the weather is like grey

True! That’s the only bad thing. So next question, if you were a character in any other Disney movie, what character would you want to be and why?

If I was a character in any other Disney movie? In any other Disney movie? I would wanna be oooh errm…What’s that Disney movie with the girl who shoots all those arrows with the red head? Right! Merida!

Which one?

Right Merida, she’s such a total baddy and I love it. People are like okay, I’m gonna get a little sexist here, okay I’m a feminist like whatever. People like to say that the guy always saves the day and every girl needs that prince charming to rescue her off her feet, but that’s not true and in ‘Brave’ they show you that and what kind of a baddy she is and she takes care of her own problems and her own family and I think that’s awesome so I’m gonna sit here and say that I wanna be Merida from ‘Brave’.


There you go that’s you that’s awesome. Well I think that’s all we have time for so thank you so much for speaking to me and answering all those questions. And yeah I hope you come to London soon and I will be happy to show you around if you want a tour guide.

Please do so then I can love it.

‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’ will be in cinemas nationwide from October 24th.

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