Behind the scenes of Austin Mahone’s ‘What About Love’ video. POP BITS.

POP BITS. “What about love? What about our promises? What about…” Oh sorry, we didn’t see you there. We were just doing the wavy arm, open and close leg dance thingy from Austin Mahone’s new vid- you know the one, we’re talking about, right? We’ve just been practicing it since we watched the behind-the-scenes vid of Austin’s amazepop new single ‘What About Love’.

The sneak peek behind the scenes of the ‘What About Love’ is filled with an abundance of awesome vest tops, vibrant beanies, killer dance moves and even some Austin Mahone nips! You do NOT want to miss out on this vid. And since we love all our MPers, we’re bringing the official behind the scenes clip to you.

The music video was directed by Colin Tiley who has worked with the likes of Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Usher and Plan B. Colin said the video is “iconic” and “very visual” and it’s all about love “showing who Austin really is”. POP BITS OUT.

Come with us behind the scenes of the ‘What About Love’ vid and keep an eye out for some shirtless Austin.

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