13 things to do when your period has you bed ridden

Periods suck. Fact. Once a month everywhere starts to hurt and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. WHY? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO HURT SO BAD? Sometimes we legit cannot get out of bed, but then what? Here are 13 things you can do every month when you’re tucked up under your duvet, hugging a hot water bottle to your lower stomach, wishing the pain away.

1. Get the snacks rolling

The more calories the better. If you don’t already have some snacks stock pilled up send someone to the shops for you and spend the day feasting in bed.

2. Kidnap the nearest furry animal

Cat, dog, hamster. Whatever it is, they’re bound to make you feel better (if they’ll stick around long enough for you to squish them with your hugs).

3. Binge watch EVERYTHING

Don’t feel guilty, sick days were MADE for binge watching tv.

4. Call a friend and moan

You totally have an excuse to sit and whine down the phone about how much pain you’re in. Nobody can tell you to shut up because we ALL know how painful our monthly visitor can be.

5. Nap

You’re in bed already, so you might as well catch up on some sleep if you can.

6. Do all the boring things you wouldn’t want to waste a normal day doing, like emails…


7. And clearing out your Facebook friends list…


8. And doing schoolwork…

Er, maybe not.

9. Replenish your snacks

Food you eat on your period is calorie free – we promise.

11. Play Minesweeper and other classic childhood games

Remember this little Microsoft gem? It’s more fun than it looks.

12. Plot how to kill your enemies

What? You’re in a bloody mood. Focusing on the other kind of blood might keep your mind off what’s going down in your uterus. Note, we at MP! Towers advise slaying your enemies in only one way: with a killer Beyoncé hair flick. No violence please, because you won’t look so #flawless in jail.

13. Feel relieved when the day is finally over

Sure, you’re going to have to try getting to sleep with intense stomach cramps, but when you wake up tomorrow you’ll feel tons better. We people with periods are strong, and we’ll make it through another month yet.

Do you have any more things for us to get up to when our period is keeping us down? Let us know @maximumpop!

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