MP! Guide: How to be #goals on Snapchat

You and your friends are loving Snapchat, we know that.


But now, it’s time to up the levels and have your mates wondering “How did you do that?”


We devised a plan to make you the envy of your crew and nail Snapchat like a boss.

1) Lighting is key: Get the lighting right, get yourself some amazing shots. And as always, avoid the flash as much as possible.

2) Play with the filters: There are so many to choose from; you can’t really go wrong.


3) Save time with direct messages: Instead of texting your friends elsewhere, just send messages directly to them in the app. You can even send video messages and pictures.


4) Explore the ‘Discover’ tab for more wonders: There’s lots going on within the ‘Discover’ tab from many of your favourite TV channels, magazines and newspapers.


5) Add your stories to local live events: If you’re at a concert or a major event, add your story to the story for that event and your snaps will show up for a lot more people.


6) Tap your face for even more filters: These filters are amazing, you’re going to be addicted. Use the selfie cam, tap and hold your face and you’ll find all the special filters.


7) Keep the stories short & sweet: No one wants to sit through hours of your ranting. Try to keep your story down to short manageable chunks.

8) Add your face to your barcode: Let your friends know they’re adding the right person. You can add your face to your individual barcode so it’s truly personalised.


9) Enjoy it! Snapchat is all about fun! The more fun you have with it, the better your snaps will be.


If you are new to the Snapchat game, be sure to check out our Snapchat Directory so you can follow all your celebrity faves. Tell us what you think of this guide @maximumpop

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