Exclusive: We’ve discovered the real identity of ‘Becky with the Good Hair’

‘Lemonade’ has been out for exactly a week now and most of you are no closer to discovering who ‘Becky with the Good Hair’ is yet.


Well, we finally have indisputable, unquestionable and solid, concrete evidence that points us in the direction of who Becky is.


The truth is, ‘Becky’ is not just one person, oh no. It’s SEVEN. DIFFERENT. PEOPLE.


Get ready; this will completely blow your mind…

1) Justin Timberlake: The receipts speak for themselves; the bromance is very real.

2) Iggy Azalea: The only person in this situation to feel personally offended. It’s really a cover up because she’s guilty as charged. Throw the book at her, judge!


3) David Beck(y)ham: Undoubtedly some of the best hair in sport and the world of celebrity, Becks and his luscious locks are definitely in the mix.


4) Kathy Beth Terry: You thought you saw the last of her in the ‘Last Friday Night’ video? You thought WRONG!


5) Justin Bieber: Until recently, Justin had great hair, but suddenly, he’s shaved it all off. Trying to cover your tracks there, Justin? We see you!

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6) Becky H(a)i(r)ll: She’s got The Voice and she’s got amazing hair; her name is Becky… It’s pretty obvious.


7) Poot Lovato: Delete it, fat.


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