The Janoskins

You’re looking for facts about Beau from The Janoskians:

  • Beau’s full name is Beau Peter Brooks  [source]
  • Beau is 21 and his birthday is July the 31st, 1993 [source]
  • His star-sign is Leo
  • Beau has two siblings, his younger brothers are band mates Jai & Luke Brooks [source]
  • Beau is 5’7 tall. [source]
  • Beau’s Twitter account is @BrooksBeau
  • Beau’s Instagram account is beaupeterbrooks
  • Beau is the oldest Janoskian.
  • Beau’s fave actor is Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Beau’s fave movie is the Titanic
  • Beau likes girls that are taller than him
  • Beau admits that he’s still scared of the dark
  • Beau thinks it’s important to keep fit.
  • Beau likes the movie ‘Mean Girls’
  • Beau used to have a job working in a pet saloon.
  • Beau also used to be a paper boy and earned $6 a morningToday you learnt about Beau from The Janoskians.


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