Marking Beatrix Potter’s 150th and this naughty little bunny is getting his own 50p!

Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit will be featured on a new 50p coin produced by the Royal Mint this year. In recognition of 150 years since the author’s birth, there will be four unique designs in total and they are guaranteed to score highly on the ‘cuteness’ scale. Prepare to sqwee!

peter rabbit

First up to shine in a metallic sheen is the naughty little rabbit, Peter. His story was the first of Potter’s to be published in 1902. He appeared in subsequent tales thereafter.

They will be available in colour as a collector’s item as well as plain for everyday usage. (SO CUTE!)

peter rabbit

Coin designer Emma NobleI, quoted from The Guardian, says “I designed them in this way as I thought they would work best for both the coloured commemorative and un-coloured circulating coins. I really hope people are pleased with them as a set.”

Nostalgia phasers set to stun, these coins are going to put a hop in your step, and make decisions that much more fun.. (heads, or cotton-tails?)

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