Kelly Rowland’s started a new group: 9 tips on becoming the next Fifth Harmony or Little Mix

You may or may not have heard that Beyoncé’s best friend and former bandmate Kelly Rowland has been searching across America for girls to join her new band in a series for TV channel BET called ‘Chasing Destiny’.



If you haven’t seen it, we’d recommend checking it out. So far, the band don’t have a name but they’ve already been receiving high praise across the interwebs for their amazing cover of Drake’s massive single ‘Hotline Bling’. Check it out for yourself:

Maybe Fifth Harmony need to watch their backs?


Just kidding; there’s room for everybody!


While putting her new group together, Kelly gives out some amazing advice on forming a girl group so we’ve decided to compile some of her best tips with some of our own so you and your friends can get on your way to becoming the next Little Mix, Fifth Harmony or maybe even the next Destiny’s Child…

1) Find your own identity: Kelly says, “I don’t want to find the next Destiny’s Child, I want to find the next “whoever is supposed to be dope.” We’re so busy comparing these days; they’re supposed to be bigger than Destiny’s Child!”

2) Take time to form friendships: Destiny’s Child went on to become the biggest selling girl group of all time, partly because they all grew up together and knew each other so well. Work on a solid friendship first before becoming a band.


3) Have an individual personality: The best girl groups have identifiable characters from their personality. Just because you’re in a group doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to stand out too.

4) Be a little bit crazy: “I’m actually looking for someone who is off their rocker, those are usually the ones that have the most creative talent.”

tay crazy

5) Bring all your talents to the table: If you can rap, throw some of that in. If you like to design clothes, show off your skills. Don’t be afraid to use everything you’ve got.

6) Getting (or not getting) a record deal isn’t the end goal: It’s an uphill climb in getting signed to a record label but just because you’ve been signed, doesn’t mean the work stops there. There will be obstacles along the way so prepare for a long journey.

7) Work together, not against each other: Nip any potential arguments or fights in the bud straight away before they get out of control. Outsiders will probably try to cause even more fights so it’s important to remain strong.

8) Competition is healthy: Kelly recalls, “When we were coming up, there was Jade, SWV, En Vogue, TLC; there were so many girl groups with different styles, it was dope!”

Monica and Rachel fighting

9) Always remember to have fun with it: “It all happens so fast, you have to remember to take a moment to enjoy the ride.”


Have you been watching ‘Chasing Destiny’? What do you think of the new group? Thinking about starting your own? Tell us everything @maximumpop

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