MP! Guide: How to be #goals on Instagram like Kim Kardashian

You’ve nailed Twitter, now it’s time to nail Instagram.


Remember; Instagram is all about the picture (or video. or GIF).  So that should probably be your main focus.

But there’s more to know about Instagram if you want to be the most popular Instagrammer among your friends.


So we’ve put together this guide to transform you into the talk of the ‘gram among your pals. Essential information.

1) Start with good pictures: Try using your phone’s main camera instead of the camera in Instagram. You’ll get the highest possible resolution which means they’ll look better when they’re shrunk down in Instagram.

2) Find your favourite filter: Everyone loves a good filter. Experiment and find the one that’s best for you.


3) … But don’t over do the filters: You look fine as you are; there’s no need to go overboard.


4) Life is more than a selfie: Kim K is famous for her selfies (she even released a book about it!) but we’d love to see more than just that gorgeous face of yours.


5) Look into other editing apps: Instagram’s app is great for basic edits but if you’re looking to go a little further, try using apps like VSCO, Photoshop Express or Afterlight for extra effects.


6) Use hashtags: Hashtags are a great way for people with similar interests to find you. If you get it right, you’ll see your likes and followers shoot up.


7) Follow your interests for inspiration: Look for accounts that interest you and try following new people who also like what you like. It might inspire you to get better pictures.


8) Chill with the food porn: Pictures of your lunchtime trip to McDonalds or Nandos are not needed. Unless you’re about to become a food blogger, keep the food shots down.


9) Experiment: Try using different angles, different filters, different hashtags; there’s no rulebook. Experiment with different features until you find settings that suit you.


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