Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review: bit of a let down…

The world’s of Metropolis and Gotham are about to collide in this epic battle between the ultimate superheroes. We can’t lie we’ve been left a little bit disorientated by the whole thing. But we’ve managed to put together a spoiler free review for you – enjoy! (Although you might have a different opinion to us…)


People seem to be pretty cautious of Superman still after the drams he created in his last battle with General Zod. And Batman is basically ready to kick his ass. But when Lex Luthor plans to destroy the world – they must put their differences aside to save humanity. (Oh, and Wonder Woman is helping out which we defo approve of!)

We don’t know what Zack Snyder’s thought process was, but he made this film hella hella confusing for us to follow. There are so many flashbacks and subplots that you can’t connect them to the main story.

Henry Cavill makes a convincing Clark Kent/Superman, and is probably the best thing about the film – his delivery is effortless and authentic. We’re not sold on Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, he is awkward to watch in the role and has zero personality. Affleck cannot do the role half the justice that Christian Bale previously has.

That wasn’t even the worst of it… Amy Adams as Lois Lane is literally the most irritating thing we’ve ever seen. (We love Amy just not in this role.) Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor has some depth – he is the ideal villain. However Eisenberg’s performance is often overshadowed by the egos of two superheroes… which is a shame.

Gal Gadot is wonderful as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, the independent, strong, mysterious beauty. Gadot has very minimal screen time, and has no backstory. We think this is (the only) clever move on Synder’s part, as we’ll get to see more of her story develop properly in the upcoming ‘The Justice League’.

Our conclusion is that we love both Batman and Superman, but we don’t love this film. While it is visually epic, not even the multi-million dollar effects can save this blockbust-up. If we replaced Affleck with Bale, and ditched Synder – this film may of had a chance.

2/5 (We’re feeling generous.)

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is out in cinemas now.

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