Who’s cuter? Bars and Melody or these 11 hamsters?

Bars and Melody are the cutest little things around at the moment aren’t they? Well since we first saw them on BGT we’ve wanted to know who’s cuter; Bars and Melody or some rather cute looking hamsters. Let’s find out.


1. Let the battle commence. First up we seem to have a competition for who can do the best hamster face. Leondre makes some tough competition!

bars2 hamster2

2. TOO MUCH CUTENESS. Who should the cutest smile award go to?

bars3 hamster3

3. Can some cute hamsters (shall we name them Bars and Melody?!) spinning around on a record player beat Leondre singing to a camera? Look at their faces. LOOK AT THEM.

bars4 hamster4

4. Everyone loves technology. But who can pose with it better? Hope this hamster is looking at Maximum Pop! right now. He’s famous!

bars5 hamster5

5. Aww BFF’s. Selfies vs hamster tea parties.

bars6 hamster glare

6. Charlie and this hamster look badass. Cute badasses.

bars7 hamster7

7. WHY ARE THEY SO GODDAMN CUTE? Leondre’s cute face VS a hamster wannabe cupcake.


8. Sleepy Charlie VS sleepy Hamster. They’re so adorable we want to squish their cheeks.

bars9 hamster9

9. Now for the cute shocked expressions. We could stare at these 3 all day.

bars10 hamster10

10. The hamsters have taken it up a notch and are now showing off their musical abilities! It’s impressive. But are they as impressive and cute as Bars and Melody on The Ellen Show?

bars11 hamster11

11. Last but not least we have the high jump. How can they all still look cute whilst jumping?! We just look like jumping gorillas.

So there you have it. Bars and Melody and 11 cute Hamsters. But who’s cuter? YOU decide. It’s a very tough decision.

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Written by Maximum Pop!

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