This 15 year old lad looks exactly like Harry Styles, it’ll blow your mind

An uncanny resemblance is coming your way, in the style of a certain One Direction member. (It’s Harry Styles, duh)


Meet 15 year old Bailey Davila from Texas aka mini Harry Styles.

PAY-Harry-Styles-look-a-like (1)

They’re quite similar, it’s definitely the hair that sells the complete Hazza look. Bailey is quite musical like Harry too. He may be into more punk rock music, but he writes and plays guitar. A mini Harry in the making!


They even interviewed him on ‘This Morning’, where things got a little awkward to be honest. We can’t believe he doesn’t like One Direction, what a bummer.

We’re holding out hope there’s even more Harry Styles lookalikes to get our hands on. Or yanno, just Harry would be quite nice. We have high hopes.


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