WTF?! People are going crazy for these badly drawn pictures of One Direction and Fifth Harmony

They’re super weird

Okay, this is a little weird, isn’t it?

Sure, we’ve all covered our walls in posters and prints of our fave celeb at one point or another. Perhaps, you’re plastering up pics of Harry Styles‘ face or sassy photos of the girls in Fifth Harmony right this second.

But have you ever thought about rocking some badly drawn popstar artwork on your walls? No? Well, that’s all about to change.

Say hello to, Badly Drawn Celebs. They’re an Etsy store that sell really awful drawings of celebrities.

It’s all a little odd but that hasn’t stopped fans from freaking the ‘eff out and spending bucketloads on One Direction, Fifth Harmony and 5SOS prints.

People think they’re hilarious and we’ve sorta gotta agree. The prints do have plenty of lol factor and the artist behind them, Sean Ryan, has made everyone’s bedrooms way more fun.

It’s like your little sister or brother picked up a crayon and started scribbling!

We wanna know which Badly Drawn Celeb print you’d hang in your room. Would it be a goofy drawing of Harry Styles or perhaps a pure *cry face emoji* one of Ashton Irwin? Simply vote for your favourite in the poll below.

Who did you vote for? Leave a comment below. For more celeb action, you can play our brilliant popstar quizzes. There’s One Direction ones, Little Mix ones and heaps and heaps more!

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Written by Emma Matthews

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