Is it too soon to be using the C word? VOTE and watch this less than festive trailer

We’re ngl to you. Although August may have only just began we’ve sort of, maybe already been thinking about chunky knitwear, ankle boots and all the other joys that autumn/winter brings. Needless to say, with that, we’ve also been considering the C word. You know the one, don’t make us say it. Sigh. Fine…


And sure, OK OK it’s very early! But with this exciting new teaser trailer it’s hard not to feel a little festive even if it is for ‘Bad Santa 2’ — which some might say actually lacks a little of that holiday spirit.

Looks pretty hilar, right? And even if our Santa here is most certainly on the naughty list, seeing that red suit has still managed to get us in the spirit… In August.

But what about you? Are you an early bird when it comes to Christmas, or do you not shake your jingle bells until at least the 1st December? Take our poll and tweet us @maximumpop with your stance.

‘Bad Santa’ is out on the 25th November.

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