Selena Gomez wants a ‘Bad Blood’ sequel – look what you’ve done, Taylor!

Taylor Swift’s epic music video ‘Bad Blood’ has reached 300 millions views – could it be a reason for future sequel? Selena Gomez thinks so!

“There is so much that that video has left, you know? I even said to her, ‘You should’ve added like five minutes, ’cause it’s like a movie’. I think that there could totally be room for it to grow, but I don’t know. That’s up to everybody involved.” – Selena told in interview to VH1. We agree with you, Slaylena, Taylor totally should do a movie like right now!


Selena said that she was one of the first people that Taylor offered a role in her future blockbuster. Good choice, Tay! Selena totally killed it!


Seems like actors were enjoying the whole filming process a lot: “It was just fun. I don’t think it even counts for work. We were there until 4 in the morning, just sitting on the couch, eating In-N-Out burger, talking about boys, and then we’d go and pretend we were killing each other. Good times” – added Selena.


Well, we still have hope for a movie, right? Maybe Taylor will do a sequel with Meredith and Olivia as a guests along with Cara, Selena and Ellie? Please Tay, think about it!

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