Taylor Swift’s releasing BTS clips from the ‘Bad Blood’ music vid, be still our beating hearts.

Taylor Swift has blessed us with another ‘Bad Blood’ video… Sadly, it’s not a feature-length blockbaster, but a BTS clip starring Frostbyte (i.e. supermodel Lily Aldridge).

‘Bad Blood got a 6th week at #1 at pop radio!’, said Taylor in her Instagram caption, ‘To celebrate, I’ll be posting some behind the scenes clips of our video shoot’.


Well, ‘Bad Blood’ has already reached 300 millions views on YouTube and was also nominated for video of the year for the MTV Video Music Awards. Taylor and her squad did an amazing job, congrats, girls!


Maybe, Taylor will film a full-length movie, who knows? Especially when Selena and Karlie are totally on board. We still have a hope!

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