8 back-to-school hacks that you need to survive the new term

We know, we know. It can’t be this time of year already, can it? Well, there’s nothing like being prepared. And this way you’ll be sliding through that first term like a breeze.


(You could be that guy). Here’s 8 things you need to handle the back-to-school horror.

If you take away nothing else, make sure it’s this first one:

1. Whichever word processor you use (Word, Pages, whatevs) check your settings now. Make sure it’s set to autosave every few minutes because there is NOTHING worse than your laptop or computer crashing and losing the WHOLE ESSAY!

adventure time

2. Save your new timetable to your phone.


Ideally, use it as your lock/home screen wallpaper and you’ll never have to scrabble around for the paper copy, or the email, ever again!

3. Struggle getting up to go in the first place?


Try plugging in your phone, or alarm, across the room. That way you HAVE TO get out of bed to get it to shut up.

4. Be presentation ready. If you’re doing a presentation for class, prep one of your friends to ask a question at the end and make it a hard one.


But of course, you’ve already rehearsed the answer. A little cheeky, however, presentations are TERRIFYING! Might as well have something good come out of them.

5. Got more than one notebook? No problem.


To tell them apart in your bag without heaving each on out, colour the a small section on the top. A different colour for a different class. Sorted.

6. Do you take a packed lunch? Here’s a weirdly useful item: Freeze a clean mini sponge, and then you can use it as an ice-pack to keep food cool. But also, as a face freshener after you’ve demolished that sandwich! Neat!

ice bucket

7. Speaking of lunch. Like apples but prefer them cut?


Well, if you slice the apple in the morning but then put it back to together, you can hold it in place with an elastic band. It won’t go brown, and you get easy slices.

8. Curb your procrastination. When you’re studying you can use the internet as a carrot. Like, if you study for 25mins then you can check Twitter for 5mins.


But maybe you need a heavier hand. Software such as ‘Cold Turkey’, ‘Self Control’, and ‘Stay Focused’ will ensure you literally cannot use certain sites online for a set amount of time. Maximum studying achieved.

Happy studying!

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Written by Sarah Clare

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