I tried using baby powder to give me fuller lashes and you wouldn’t BELIEVE the results

Who knew a product for designed for a baby’s bot could give you longer lashes then Kylie Jenner? I didn’t. Call me intrigued.


It makes sense really – to put some mascara on, add a bit of powder to absorb some of the liquid and bulk the lash, and then whack some more mazzy on over the top. But if that’s the case, why are we even using falsies? Why don’t we all have a pot next to our dressing table ready to pat on our eye first thing?



So I am here to unboggle it.

Ladies and gents, prepare to have life’s huge question answered RIGHT HERE! SHALL WE BEGIN!

So, I began by putting my average coat of mascara on – I’m currently adoring L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes So Couture, as it really fans out my lashes alot to begin with.

Here I am, doing just that.

thumbnail_IMG_5160                                                                                                                                                          Then, I dashed a sprinkle of baby powder in my hand, and applied it to my right eye with a cotton bud. I’m only whacking the powder on my right eye, BTW, so it can be compared at the end.

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Admittedly, it did feel awfully strange putting the powder onto my eye – not that it would do anything bad, but just an odd sensation. The beauty of baby powder is that it smells absolutely heavenly, so it felt very delicate going on and looked exactly how you’d imagine it would look – pretty dusty.

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Excuse the haunting stare.

At this stage, I wasn’t really sure if this would do anything at all or not. And then, I put the mascara on.

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LIKE, WOW. Those right eye lashes could probably hit someone three feet away. My eyes looked like they had loads of long spiders legs coming off them (in the best way, of course) in comparison to the other. They didn’t feel heavy, or any different in fact – they just look a heck of a lot fuller.

I wouldn’t wear this every day, but just a big heads up – it DOES work. If you fancy a more voluminous day, I’d go grab that baby powder (which, by the way, cost £1. ONE QUID.) and give your eyelashes a blast. SPREAD THE WORD!

Have you tried this beauty hack? Let us know at @maximumpop!

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