Avril Lavigne ‘Rock N Roll’ video – 5 things you need to know

Punk princess Avril Lavigne has treated us with the official music video to her upcoming single ‘Rock N Roll’ and we loved it so much that we decided that we just had to pick out 5 things in the video that you need to know about!

So before you check out the video for yourself here’s what we chose to be the ultimate 5 things you need to know about the video for ‘Rock N Roll’:

1It’s set out like a comic book!
The editing in this video truly is AMAZEBALLS and the comic strip set-out that flows through the video totally makes it. It’s made us want to live a childhood dream of being a superhero all over again!

2There’s no Jedward!
We searched and searched and searched the video for our favourite Irish pop twins (sorry Keavy and Edele) and just couldn’t find Jedward anywhere! We were hoping they’d make a cameo appearance after they popped up in the official lyric video that we covered a little while back.

3There’s a drunk driving dog and a bearshark!
Although there’s no Jedward in the video, there is a dog that appears to be under the influence of alcohol and driving a car in the promo piece, as well as a Bearshark! We’re not too sure what kind of dreams Avril’s been having lately to help her come up with this video concept but we suggest that she sees a doctor…

It all seems to have been paid for by Sony Xperia
At the start of the music video (or short film, some may argue) a mobile phone is heard ringing and the Xperia logo takes over the screen. Avril then enthusiastically tells us all “Oh, my new Sony phone is ringing!” helping us jump to the conclusion that Sony were very generous and paid out for this music video. Well at least it’s not all coming out of Avril’s back pocket, hey!

5 Avril references an old favourite of ours…
Nostalgia is all the rave these days and we must admit a MAHOOSIVE smile cracked on our faces when he heard Ms Lavigne speaking the lyrics to ‘Sk8er Boi’ on the phone stated above: “How much more obvious can I make it?…He was a boy…she was a girl.”

Check out the music video below, and beware, it comes with an explicit content warning. How naughty!

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