Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and 11 signs you’re just as obsessed with autumn as Zoella

Tis the season for the leaves to turn orange and for all of us to reach for an extra layer or two. Honestly, we are so excited for the shorter evenings and for winter to be creeping just around the corner. But we can bet there is one person marginally more pumped than you are…

zoella halloween

Yep, we all know just how much Zoella loves the latter half of the year. Between Halloween and Christmas, we can hardly blame her. So here are all the tell-tale symptoms that you might be coming down with an autumn/winter addiction.

1. September has dropped, summer is ending, which can mean only one thing…

2. You’re already salivating at the prospect of pumpkin spiced lattes at Starbucks


3. All of the seasonal candles got you like…


4. You’ve also probs got yourself a cheeky pumpkin spice diffuser, or, you know, a gingerbread one which we hear is a thing Zoe is bringing out

5. The thought of swapping out your summer wardrobe for ALL OF THE COSY THINGS

6. Uh, hats, scarves and gloves, duh!

7. Having the fire alight at home in the chilly evenings, yaaas pls.

8. Potential snow, although not likely…

9. Autumn essentially means winter, which means CHRISTMAS!


10. Which means Christmas jumpers… A lot of ’em


11. And Christmas movies


12. And, of course, the best thing of all, Zoe’s vlogmas


Yep, we are so ready for it to get colder and for the leaves to start dropping. We love a bit of sunshine, but boy oh boy is autumn/winter right up our street. Give it to us right now.

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