6 reasons why we love the heck out of Liz Kessler, and so should you!

liz kesslerLiz Kessler’s debut YA ‘Read Me Like A Book’ has just been released in paperback. Yuss! A gorgeous story about first loves, and first heartbreaks, and how love is love, regardless.

But if this total boss lady of an author has somehow passed you by then we’re here to tell you all the reasons why we think she’s a legend. (Bonus reason – look at that dog. So cute!) 

1. ‘Read Me Like A Book’ may be her first YA, but she’s also written a at least 14 other books for children and MG readers. Wowzer.

2. She writes some absolutely wonderful blog posts alongside other fab authors @ ‘An Awfully Big Blog Adventure’.

3. Liz is also so warm and kind on social media. We’re glad she has a sense of humour…

At least… we HOPE! Or one of our team members might be receiving a restraining order.

4. This.

5. She says on her website that “I have lived on a narrowboat and in a motorhome.” – Uber cool points right there. And now she lives in Cornwall with this view from the office:

Jealous? Yeah. We are too.

6. And an absolute PRO on panels. Spotted recently at the Porthleven Literary Festival, but can always be relied on to give such thoughtful and witty replies to questions.


Are you convinced? Of course you are! And if you wanna get your hands on that paperback, then click here.

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