Author Appreciation: Here’s why L. A. Weatherly rocks our socks

L. A. Weatherly‘Broken Sky’ is the first book in the new series by L. A. Weatherly. Set in an idealised future echoing a 1940s past, this book is the perfect blend between film noir and YA dystopian excitement.

Many readers will already know her from ‘The Angel Trilogy’.

But whether this is your first fictional outing with this author, or it’s the next trip for a Weatherly fangirl, here we list all the reasons why we think she’s awesome.

1. She’s made a ‘read-along’ playlist for ‘Broken Sky’. Arranged by chapter, you can jam to this mixture of retro and contemporary tracks. From Nat King Cole to Bastille. We heart it.

2. From offering sound writing advice, to replying to ecstatic fangirls, L. A. Weatherly is such a treat on Twitter.

3. Cats. Because we have time for anyone who appreciates a well placed cat pic. (So cute. SO CUTE!)

4. We’ve briefly mentioned it… but she’s also the author of ‘The Angel Trilogy’. And there’s no need to take our word for it that it rocks, YA goddess J L Armentrout has rated it 5 stars:


5. Wait, that’s not all. Sure, we’re all about the YA here, but let’s not downplay the fact that she’s the author of almost 50 books in total across age groups. FIFTY!

l a weatherly twitter

As she says herself “I write in my pyjamas all day and drink coffee. Somebody’s gotta do it.” Amen.

‘Broken Sky’ is out now, and you can get your copy here.

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