Author Appreciation: 5 reasons why ‘The Sign of One’ author, Eugene Lambert, is a total boss

‘The Sign of One’ is an action packed SF thriller that’ll have you by the guts from the get go. But what about the man behind it all?


Here we list 5 reasons why Eugene Lambert is a total boss, and why you need to, you know, read his book. Like now.

1. He has a freakin’ writing cabin. Serious #writergoals right there. We’re jealous.

2. “When not scribbling in his cabin, he flies gliders and goes for long walks.” Sorry, what? He flies gliders? The cool points just keep racking themselves up, don’t they?

3. We talked about #writergoals, but what about these writer #squadgoals? Such a brilliant circle of author buds; with a support network like that it’s no wonder ‘The Sign of One’ totally kicks butt.

4. ‘The Sign of One’ is only the first of a three book deal, with books two and three coming hard and fast.


5. And get this for accolades… Just in case gaining an MA in Writing for Young People wasn’t enough, this author set his bar high. ‘The Sign of One’ was shortlisted for the AM Heath’s Irish Children’s Prize 2013 and the Bath Novel Award 2014. Swaggin’.

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Believe us when we say this author is a dude, now?

You can get your own copy of ‘The Sign of One’ right here.

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