6 Reasons We Worship Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is clearly one of our favourite people on the planet, and now we’ve devoured ‘Lady Midnight’, we love her even more. ‘Lady Midnight’ is set five years after the Dark War: Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn are parabatais who patrol the streets of LA and look after the Blackthorn clan. When both faeries and humans start turning up dead and feature the same marks that were found on Emma’s dead parents, they start to investigate.

a case of the feels

Here are a few reasons why we’ll follow Cassandra Clare to the ends of the earth.

  • She knows how to play with our emotions so brutally that there are tears everywhere, and yet she keeps us coming back for more… Such gluttons for punishment.
  • We are getting 4 series’ and 2 novella series’ set in our favourite world. That’s six ‘Shadowhunter’ series! (‘The Mortal Instruments’, ‘The Bane Chronicles’, ‘The Infernal Devices’, ‘Tales from Shadowhunter Academy’, ‘The Dark Artifices’, ‘The Last Hours’)


  • She’s BFFs with a few of our other faves: Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson and Holly Black. We so want in on those writing retreats.
  • Cassie is wonderfully present in the fandom. Replying to fans, answering questions and generally sharing her life with them. It’s makes us a bit emosh even thinking about it, especially when answering this fan about the inspiration for Alec.

  • Cassie is constantly teasing quotes in the run up to a release date. I mean, it hurts us, but we also gobble them greedily because they make us SO EXCITED.
  • She fervently defends her side on the Raw vs Cooked Pop Tarts debate. Though we personally think she’s on the wrong side – raw Pop Tarts are a smidge gross…

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