Austin Mahone answers YOUR Twitter Questions for MP!

Earlier in the week, we caught up with Austin Mahone who was over in London for a very special performance. He answered some of our MP! Twitter followers questions and here’s what he had to say:

Lorna: Can you tell the difference between a UK fan and a US fan?

Yes I definitely can. Firstly, UK fans are very energetic and I noticed they like to wear really tight pants in the cold. Last time I was here it was freezing, and they were all wearing really tight pants and I’m like “What are you doing? It’s freezing! You need to bundle up or you’re going to catch a cold”.

Jasmine: Will you do a tour in the UK once the album comes out?

Of course. I plan to come back. I plan to go to a lot of place but I love London and cant wait to come back.

Casey: What About Love has some pretty epic dance moves. Did you know them before or did you learn them especially for the video?

I learnt them especially for the video. I like to show off my dance moves and make them more challenging each time. My choreographer is called Sakinah and she choreographs all dance moves in the vide, teaches them to me and gets everything ready to go. She’s really great.

Ellie: Tell us something amazing that has happened on the Taylor Swift Tour.

I just got off the stage and Taylor was like “You killed it! I love ‘Say something'” and I was like “Thanks”. Then she said “We have 2 hours to kill before I’m on stage, what do you wanna do?” and I was like “Let’s throw fruit”. So we went to her dressing room and threw apples at each other.

We hope Taylor didn’t get hit too hard with those apples. Stay tuned to MP! as we have more chats with Austin coming including some dating advice. ‘What About Love’ is available to download on the 1st of September, have you pre-ordered it yet? We have… TWICE!

Here’s Austin’s vid for ‘What About Love’ and check out those moves that Sakinah taught him.


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