Austin Mahone’s Road To The VMAs – 5 Best Bits

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or just hypnotised by Miley Cyrus’ twerktasic performance) then you’ll know that Austin Mahone performed at the MTV VMAs pre-show and won an actual Moonman at last month’s prestigious awards ceremony. But how does one prepare for such a night? Allow Austin to reveal all with his ‘Road To The VMAs’ mini-film. And if you don’t have 8minutes and 50seconds to spare to watch the amazingly awfully scripted movie (don’t worry, it’s not as bad as TOWIE), then have no fear as MP! have rounded up the 5 best bits and listed them below for your reading pleasure…

1 Austin talks about the shower a lot.

No, we’re not boring like the lady that interviews him and decides that Mahone shower talk is good because he’s obviously “a clean man,” heck do we care about that! We like Austin speaking about the shower because it allows us to imagine him butt-naked lathering shower gel all over his body. Mmm… those abs!

2 He greets his fans!

Living up to his mini-Bieber reputation (in a good way), when walking through a crowd of die-hard Mahones, Austin takes the time to shake hands and address his army of fans like a true gent. Although he’s in a rush, Austin later stops for pictures with one very shaky fan!

3Austin proves he’s a real human and even gets sick *sadface*

Poor Austin is shown just 24 hours before his big performance, coughing his sweet little heart out, popping pills and even shoving his head in some hot remedy water trying to cure his illness in time for his big night, and it seems one of his dancers got a bit sick too! Nice nostrils though…

 Mom Love!

We love it when boys get all gushy with their mum’s (see: One Direction’s This Is Us) and Austin is no exception! Although he’s rocketing to fame, Mr. Mahone has certainly not forgotten his roots and can be seen reminiscing about his younger days with his mum before his performance and giving her a big hug. HOW CUTE!

5We get to re-live his big VMA Moments

In case watching ‘Road To The VMAs’ got you feeling all reminiscent of his big night, at the end you can watch clips of Austin’s performance and winning moment. We’re not crying, it’s just hayfever, promise!

Now you can watch it for yourself and we’ll compare notes later…

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