Austin Mahone Vs. Ariana Grande: Who Was The Best VMA Performer?

With our ‘Favourite VMAs Performance’ poll currently running, we thought it was about time we paid some attention to the AMAZEBALLS performers at this year’s pre-show. Our fave teen starlets Austin Mahone and Ariana Grande took the red carpet outside Barclays Centre, Brooklyn, New York on Sunday night to sing their little hearts out and time it’s time for you to decide who is the better of these upcoming pop royalties.

[column width=half]Who? Austin Mahone[/column]

[column width=half last=true]Ariana Grande[/column]

[column width=half]Age? 17 [/column]

[column width=half last=true]20[/column]

[column width=half]From? Texas, United States[/column]

[column width=half last=true]Florida, United States[/column]

[column width=half]Where Do I Know Them From? Austin found fame on YouTube performing covers before being snapped up by Taylor Swift for the support act of her ‘Red’ Tour and has recently performed a song for The Smurfs 2 soundtrack and appeared in US McDonald’s adverts![/column]

[column width=half last=true]You probably know Ariana from her role as Cat in Nickelodeon’s Victorious. She also stars in the new spin-off show Sam & Cat. Most recently, Ariana has supported Justin Bieber on the US leg of his ‘Believe’ Tour.[/column]

[column width=half]Songs Performed At VMAs Pre-Show? Austin performed one song – his latest hit ‘What About Love’.[/column]

[column width=half last=true]Two. Ariana performed a mash-up of her latest hit ‘Baby I’ and her breakthrough single ‘The Way’.[/column]

[column width=half]Number Of Moonmen? Austin bagged the moonman for Artist To Watch at this year’s VMAs. GO AUSTIN![/column]

[column width=half last=true]Ariana did not win any Moonmen at this year’s VMAs. She wasn’t even nominated. Oh well, there’s always next year Ari![/column]

[column width=half]Best Clothing? Austin is very much a boy’s boy and this is shown through his style. Predominantly wearing sports clothes, hoodies and being a fan of the Beanie hat! Imagine being snuggled up in one of Austin’s hoodies… *sigh*[/column]

[column width=half last=true]We are well jel of Ariana’s wardrobe! Her crystallised corsets that are sported on the ‘Believe’ Tour are sooooo cute! We’re loving her look in the ‘Baby I’ press photos too![/column]

[column width=half]Abs Rating? We very much enjoy staring at and drooling over Austin’s abs. We may be a bit biased but they are very impressive. 9/10[/column]

[column width=half last=true]We haven’t seen Ariana’s abs so we can’t judge. AUSTIN WINS![/column]

[column width=half]Twitter Followers? 3,873,012[/column]

[column width=half last=true]If this was popularity in numbers, Ariana would win by a mile with 8,941,611 followers. That’s over double the amount of Austin’s![/column]

[column width=half]Love Life? Austin Mahone is currently single. This makes us happy.[/column]

[column width=half last=true]It’s all a bit up in the air at that moment. Ariana was dating Janoskian boy Jai Brooks until THAT Bieber photo, now nobody’s really sure what’s going on.[/column]

[column width=half]When Can I Buy Their Album? Austin’s debut album ‘Junior Year’ will be released this Autumn (no official UK release date yet).[/column]

[column width=half last=true]Ariana’s album ‘Yours Truly’ is released in the UK on September 2. WAIT. THAT’S MONDAY![/column]

Now you know the facts it’s all down to you. Vote for your favourite MTV VMAs Pre-Show performer below!

Result: Looks like you don’t agree with MTV voters and think Austin’s moonman belongs to Ari! Luckily she wasn’t nominated in that category too or it could have been pretty tense! 

‘The Way’ songstress conquered this Pop Battle with 75% of the vote!  We love both pop acts and think they should make love, not war… or at least duet!

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