Alarm Pop: Auryn- ‘Make My Day’

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Here at MP! Towers, we are not too different from Louis Walsh as we are always on the look out for the “next big boyband”. Apart from normally being pretty top notch tottie, boybands also deliver the type of pop that gets us going. Our unending quest to find quintets of quiffed men has led us to Auryn.

We can’t tell you much about Auryn (mainly because they are Spanish and so is all the information we can find about them and we were normally listening to the BackStreet Boys on our walkman during Spanish class) but what we do know is that they are a boyband who look great and make catchy poptunes- What more do you need to know?

Auryn’s latest single is called ‘Make My Day’ which has an undeniable europop feel but also has the boyband flavour, similar to 1D or The Wanted, that we crave. There is also a strong Spanish flare to the track, particularly with the lyric “Shock out the barr-ee-yooh ooh”- We’re not quite sure what that means but we will admit it did give us a little tingle.

The vid for ‘Make My Day’ isn’t the Western saloon showdown we were expecting, but is quite good nonetheless. It’s got five extremely hot lads running around the desert in the future getting extremely sweaty. Our only complaint is the abundance of clothing but we will get over that.

Check out the vid for ‘Make My Day’ below and let us know if you think Auryn could make it into the “Boyband Hall of Fame” (where the world’s gonna know their names… Yeah).

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