5 amazing attractions we need to see in the UK’s new Paramount theme park

Ngl, when we saw the news about a theme park to rival Disneyland Paris, we thought this meant the UK was finally getting its very own Disney park. Although that is yet to be a thing (and don’t worry, we’re definitely still crossing our fingers), the news that there will be a Paramount theme park opening in Kent  is still pretty blooming cool!


The park is set to start its construction in 2018 and open as soon as 2021, so we thought we’d pitch some of our own ideas as to what we think should be included.

1. Quintessentially British vibes, please.


There’s already been rumours that the Paramount theme park will include Aardman Animations attractions and, honestly, what’s more British than an evening in spent watching ‘Wallace & Gromit’? We definitely feel like we can heavily relate to their love for cheese and crackers, so if that isn’t a choice snack at the park we don’t even know why you’d bother. We’d also quite like there to be a giant replica of the orange spaceship from their ‘A Grand Day Out’ short that throws you about a bit.

2. On that same wavelength… the BBC!


Yep, the BBC is also another thing expected to be somehow incorporated into attractions at the park. Well, it makes sense doesn’t it?  After all, us Brits are pretty proud of the BBC, aren’t we? And we reckon a lot of obsessed Americans would definitely make the trip. Especially if there were some nods to the ‘Sherlock‘ series, as well as a ‘Doctor Who‘ rollercoaster that makes us feel as ill as the opening sequence of the show does.

3. Uh, we’re going to need all of the Dreamworks fairytales.


Paramount has co-produced a lot of our fave Dreamworks films, such as ‘Shrek‘ and ‘Kung Fu Panda’. Both are known for their epic settings, so we think some beaut fairytale and Japanese scenery would definitely be the way to our hearts.

4. Space! Everybody loves Space.


The ‘Star Trek‘ series is another franchise co-produced by Paramount and we think they’d be missing a trick if they didn’t have some insane space assimilation going on. Also, lights! Lots of lights beaming at you throughout the entire experience.

5. No theme park is complete without waterslides.


Even though 99% of the time it rains in the UK, we still obvs need waterslides. What better movie to base it around than ‘SpongeBob Squarepants‘? There isn’t one. Also, like, what more could you want in life than the sound of water rushing in your ears mixed with SpongeBob’s kooky laugh and Patrick’s slow, uncertain drawl?

So there you have it, just 5 of our pretty ah-mazing ideas for Paramount attractions. Honestly, we think Paramount should hire us as their theme park designers, because we’re ace at it. Does such a thing even exist? We don’t know, but, if not, it really should.

Will you be paying a visit to the new theme park when it opens? What Paramount films would you like to see feature? Tweet us @maximumpop and let us know.

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