Alarm Pop: The best debut single from a former band member ever has arrived. Listen to Aston Merrygold’s ‘Get Stupid’ here.

No disrespect to Nathan Sykes, Cheryl, Zayn Malik(?), Vicky B or even Aston’s former bandmate OWS, but we think Mr Merrygold’s debut solo single ‘Get Stupid’ might just be our favourite debut single from a former band member ever. That’s right, E V E R.


Yes Aston, it’s your sweet booty that we’re kissing right now.

‘Get Stupid’ is the most fun, toe-tap worthy, amazing single we’ve heard all year, maybe even this decade, maybe even ever. Ok, maybe not ever but still, it’s an phenomenal track nonetheless.

“Get Stupid is a phrase that people are going to hear and at first not really understand it,” explains Aston. “In my thinking get stupid means be free, get loose and when five o’clock hits and people are finishing work, it’s time to get stupid and let your hair down. That’s when a lot of people come alive.”

The single is the first to be lifted from Aston’s debut album ‘Show Stopper’ set to be released this year, and if ‘Get Stupid’ is anything to go by, then ‘Show Stopper’ is set to be an album that we are just going to NEED to add to our already overgrown collection.

As well as unleashing the Michael Jackson, James Brown, Usher and Justin Timberlake influenced song, he’s also gone and shoved the official video up on YouTube and it’s equally as fun.

Aston Merrygold’s ‘Get Stupid’ is released July 17.



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