Aston Merrygold slams any rumours about drama between JLS. You tell ’em, Aston!

With every band break up comes a dozen rumours. Are they friends? Did they fight? Who hates who? But Aston Merrygold has hit those stories right out of the park.


Speaking to HMV, Aston confirmed that there was absolutely no bad vibes between him and his former bandmates of JLS.

“There’s no drama. There’ll be no TV shows in 20 years’ time when someone walks in the room and you’ve not seen them since. None of that rubbish. Everyone was round at my house last week, just for dinner and a couple of drinks.”

“It’s like when you’re at school, you see your mates every single day, then you go to university and you don’t see each other every day, it’s not because there’s anything bad, you’ve got other things.”

We’re super glad and now we can continue the rest of our day thinking happy thoughts.

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