Ashton Irwin SLAMS the trolls who brought up his personal life. #AshtonIsWorthIt

We love all fandoms, but there’s always trolls in each one and sadly, they took bashing 5SOS too far in attempt to get Fifth Harmony crowned as VMA winners yesterday.

Mean Girls gif

However, instead of letting the bullshit getting to him, Ashton totally slayed the trolls by turning the hashtag against them.


ashton slay

After that burn, the 5SOS fam celebrated the VMA and Ashton with #AshtonIsWorthIt being the number one trend worldwide. Indeed he is, folks. Indeed he is.

ashton cute

Let it be known that trolls totally aren’t #WorthIt and we’re pretty sure any real Harmonizer and the girls themselves would be horrified by what trolls say. We love 5SOS and Fifth Harmony and we’re pretty sure they’re all pals, too. So there, trolls. Shove that in your cake and eat it.

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