“I hate when people call us pop-punk sometimes”, nobody tells Ashton Irwin what he can and can’t do.

Ashton got a tiny bit vocal when he chatted to Alt Press about certain people who put ‘limitations’ on 5SOS’ sound and what they can achieve, which we think is a little silly as there is NOTHING the lads can’t do. They’re extremely graceful models (your own merch counts, right?),  they’ve got a frickin’ DVD coming out and Michael even tried to chat up Taylor Swift, no limits there guys.


Ahem, back to Ashton. He gets a little bit peeved when 5SOS are declared as a “boy band” or “pop punk” band.

“People shouldn’t limit themselves. That’s the issue with this world: putting barriers on what you’re capable of. You’re capable of f*cking anything.”

Ashton got pretty into it and we completely agree with him, nobody should ever be shoved into a box and told ‘this is what you are,  this is what you’ll do’, stand up for yourself and show them whose boss!


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