It’s a chocolate milk party for Ashton Irwin’s 22nd birthday

Today is a very special day, because Anne Marie Irwin gave birth to her first born, who ended up blessing our lives. It’s Ashton’s 22nd birthday!


In honour of the birthday boy, we have decided to list 22 of our favourite quotes by the loveable Aussie.

1. “I can’t really explain what it’s like to be in love, but I feel like it’s being comfortable. It’s almost like having a best friend. It’s a beautiful thing.”

2. “Wearing green underwear today, I feel like a frog.”

3. “Calum literally proposed to me when he asked me to be in the band. He got down on one knee. It was really romantic.”


4. “Remember kids: Don’t get emotionally attached to a band. You’ll get pregnant and die.”

5. “Do I look like I know how to twerk? I’m a small blonde boy.”

6. “Are you are volcano? Because I lava you.”

7. “Some people are sass monsters on Twitter. Like, honey, you need to chill.”

Ash 1

8. “Thing I want to do before I die… ride a whale naked majestically into the sunset.”

9. “I think if you’re confusing people, you’re doing something different, and I love that.”


11. “Ad lib that son, put some stank on it!”

Ash 3

12. “Look at this hip gyration!”

13. “Yeah you can just sniff it, and then accidentally put it in your mouth.”

14. “Thank you ketchup. You make every meal 10% better…”

15. “Celery, you make every meal 10% worse.”

16. “I definitely cannot twerk, I’m half Irish.”

Ash 2

17. “This morning I ate a huge omelette and I don’t even like eggs.”

18. “Tadpoles are baby turtles.”

19. “I also dress up as a sexy fairy.”

20. “I am allergic to cats. The cat in ‘Don’t Stop’ was actually a very small, furry human.”

21. “I would not like to kiss a kiwi fruit.”

22. “If things are going bad and life is tough, hang in there. Ride it out. Come out on top.”

Happy birthday, Ash! Have a great day.

go shawty

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