It’s Ashton Irwin’s Birthday! Here are some of his most inhumanly cute moments.

Tomorrow (or today in Australia) is Ashton Irwin’s 21st birthday! The birthday boy who has been rocking around the world this year has got some time off in Aus to celebrate with his fam. We feel so emotional, so what better way than to cripple our emotions even more than to share some of his most inhumanly cute moments.

Pre 5SOS days, Ashton was in a different band ‘Swallow the Goldfish’. JUST LISTEN TO HIS ACCENT. So strong.

There was also that time where he was a Dizzee Rascal impersonator. For all of 36 seconds.

He could seduce us with his didgeridoo anyway. Oi, oi!

We just want to cuddle him up so tight right now ARGH.

Why don’t we talk about this more? Like every single day?

Let’s talk about how he stayed out til 3am once just to meet fans.

Our ovaries. Where r dey?

Happy birthday, Ashton! May your day be as beautiful as you are.

ashton cute

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