5 Seconds of Summer

You’re looking for facts about Ashton from 5SOS:

  • Ashton’s full name is Ashton Fletcher Irwin [source]
  • Ashton is single.
  • Ashton is 20 and his birthday is the 7th of July, 1994 [source]
  • His star-sign is Cancer
  • Ashton has two siblings, a sister called Lauren Irwin, and a brother called Harry Irwin [source]
  • Ashton is 6ft tall. [source]
  • Ashton’s Twitter account is @Ashton5SOS
  • Ashton’s Instagram account is ashtonirwin
  • His biggest celebrity crushes are Hayley Williams and Jade Thirlwall (from Little Mix)
  • His all time favourite movie is Pursuit of Happiness.
  • He says that his two biggest fears are needles and breaking his wrist.
  • He had his first kiss when he was aged 16.
  • As well as the drums, he can also play the saxophone, piano and guitar.

Today you learnt about Ashton from 5SOS.


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