BIG INTERVIEW: MP! chats to Ashley Roberts about hot yoga, Ant & Dec and face tattoos!

Former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts has been an extremely busy bee of late. She’s been plastered all over our telly boxes on shows such as ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ and ‘Dancing on Ice’ and has just joined Ant & Dec on their ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ live tour but she hasn’t left her pop career behind just yet. Ms. Roberts recently returned to the charts with fab new single ‘Clockwork’ so we decided to get her on the blower and have a chinwag about her upcoming album, toasty yoga and face tattoos…

MP!: It’s Maximum Pop! On the line is Ashley Roberts, how are you doing?

Ashley: I’m good, I’m doing good.

MP!: Good stuff. I’ve just been having a look on your Twitter, just seeing what you’re up to. How was hot yoga the other day?

Ashley: It was very toasty actually. Some guy almost passed out

MP!: Wow, that’s pretty crazy. What do you have to do?

Ashley: Hot yoga is a bit like Bikram yoga so they have it heated to – I don’t know what it’d be in celcius – but in farenheight it’s like 100 degrees.

MP!: Wow that’s pretty crazy! Now obviously you’ve been very very busy lately, you seem to never really stop. There’s very few people who have been in the jungle and then also judged Dancing on Ice and then released solo records! Tell us about the last year, some highlights?

Ashley: Ah God last year, I mean since I even left the jungle there’s just been so much going on and I’ve been so busy and doing so many things that I’ve enjoyed and loved. I loved judging on Dancing on Ice, doing takeaway with the boys has been so much fun, I mean it just doesn’t feel like work with those guys and now yeah switching gears I’m getting back to the roots and focusing on the music. My single ‘Clockwork’ came out last week and I’ve been be popping around doing some radio shows. I’m just stoked man, I’m excited I have an album coming out in the late summer and it’s all happening.

MP!: Awesome, exciting. The solo record, was that something you always wanted to do when you set out or is that something that’s come recently?

Ashley: I’ve always loved to be on stage, I’ve always loved to perform, I love to be creative and music has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl and I didnt know I’d end up, you know manifesting to being in a girl pop group and it being huge.  I feel like I’ve had the time to kind of grow up and you know I get to put all my experiences and my passion into my writing and my music and now I get to put it out there for everybody to hopefully enjoy.

MP!: Awesome awesome looking forward to hearing the full album properly. Obviously with the Pussycat Dolls the songs were like big and fun and often about going out and partying and that kinda thing. What’s the vibe of the new record, does it get a bit deeper or?

Ashley: Yeah definitely, I mean I’ve pulled a lot from my past relationships and experiences and stuff that happened in my life. There’s a song called ‘Woman Up’ that kind of struck up that female empowerment, like fun, get up and dance kinda vibe and then there’s stuff that’s like a stripped down version ballad that is just like me and a piano and then there’s ‘Oh and a Day’ that’s kinda got like a little bit of an urban type beat. I’ve been so inspired by music my whole life and dancing and all different genres that I’ve got to use it all in my own album and I’ve got several fashions to my personality so it’s all come out in the record.

MP!: Good stuff, it’s the real you. That’s cool. Now let’s talk about ‘Clockwork’ as well because we’re big fans at Maximum Pop! It’s a tune! It’s a smash, um it’s also very heartbreaking, what’s going on? What’s it about?

Ashley: Well ‘Clockwork’ is about that relationship that you kinda keep going back to and you know you shouldn’t but it’s got passion and then it’s exciting um but you’re probably going to leave a little bit scarred. So you know it’s just one of those relationships that you’re like “probably shouldn’t be doing this but I keep going back for more”.

MP!: Haha yeah cool stuff. Also in the video, the video is deep as well. There’s a man with a lot of tattoos in the video he’s got face tattoos, how do you feel about face tattoos?

Ashley: Yeah I don’t really know if I would do the face tattoo! But um Josh was the guy who modelled and acted for us in the video and he had a really cool edgy sort of look and I wanted it to represent you know that relationship that is what you should leave behind and with the edginess that you should go. Not that Josh is the guy you should do it with! But I wanted to represent something that was um cause some of the models and the actresses came in and they looked so great! And I’m like OMG you look like the kind of person you should be with forever, I wouldn’t leave you! You know you wanted somebody that kinda had a tough edge to them so i do enjoy tattoos, he’s supposed to represent the kind of hard relationship that you should probably walk away from.

MP!: I see, good stuff. Have you had like a launch party for the single yet? Is that something you’re going to do?

Ashley: No I think we’ll probably wait for the album. I’m definitely going to have a little small gathering with some friends and fam, for them to hear the album prior but yeah I think i’m going to do that more when the album comes out.

MP!: That’s cool. What is an Ashley Roberts party like? What will the launch party be like for the album?

Ashley: Good fun, good peeps, some drinks and some dancing. You know, good times!

MP!: That’s nice! Talk to me about the rest of the album as well like we’ve obviously heard your single is that the vibe of the rest of the album? Or is it a nice variation?

Ashley: The rest of the album has a little bit of everything like coming out of the dolls I felt a bit static going into the studio like I had to do a certain kind of music. I just let it organically unfold, I’m inspired by different sounds and different genres and different feelings and emotions so it’s got a little bit of everything on there and yeah it’s all different facets like I said in my personality it’s all coming out.

MP!: That’s cool. Are there any other artists that you think it sounds like that we’d know as well?

Ashley: That I sound like? Umm I dont know, I haven’t been told that I sound like anybody, so…

MP!: That’s a good thing!

Ashley: I have to say I hope that’s good!

MP!: That’s cool, so all the best with the record and judging on the first single it’s going to be amazing! What are you going to do afterwards, focussing on the music for now? Or have you got any other plans for anything else as well?

Ashley: Um you know just switching gears focusing on the music at this point. There are a few things in the works I can’t quite talk about but it’s going to be a busy year, a lot going on and I’m just really grateful for all that’s happening.

MP!: Awesome! Okay, Good luck. Smashed it and hopefully next yoga session goes well as well!

Ashley: Thank you!

Thanks Ashley! We’re gonna have a another listen to ‘Clockwork’ while we’re waiting for that album…

If you haven’t already you can download it here.

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