Best jeans for curves? Ashley Graham shares her shopping secrets

Shopping for jeans can be a nightmare, especially if you have curves, and nearly always ends with you stressing out that nothing fits and going home empty handed.


Fear not, though – mega babein’ model Ashley Graham has spilled her shopping secrets to Vogue and we’re here to fill you in with the deets. Here are Ashley’s ultimate dos and don’ts of denim:

1. Know what you’re looking for

How can you find the perfect pair if you don’t know what that is? Speaking about Eloquii Denim Kady Fit Pants, here’s what Ashley looks for in a good jean:

“These jeans are fantastic because there’s minimum stretch and I love the length. You can wear a sneaker, you can wear heels, you can wear a boot and it’s still going to look chic and vintagey all day long.”

2. Accentuate your body shape

“If you have a little bit more on your tummy or your hips, wear a boot-cut jean. It’s gonna balance everything out and you’re going to look super sophisticated.”


3. Avoid fading

“The worst thing that you can get in a jean is when you’ve got fading just on the thighs or just on the calves. What it does is it creates attention to those areas.”

4. Do the squat test

“When in doubt, you have to do the squat test.” What’s the squat test, you ask? It’s as simple as it sounds. Just do some squats or get your yoga on in a pair to test the stretch and comfort of them.


5. Comfort is key

“You want the perfect fit and cut – whatever that is for you. It doesn’t matter what colour they are, just make sure you feel comfortable in them.”

Thanks for the tips, Ashley! We’ll remember them next time we find ourselves stuck in a shopping rut. Let us know your own advice with a tweet to @maximumpop.

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