Ashley Benson gets cyber-stalked in her new thriller film ‘Ratter’. We’re taping our webcam up ASAP.

It’s nice to see the PLL girls working on other projects and Ashley Benson’s one is crazily creepy, keep reading for more deets.

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‘Ratter’ is a thriller film starring Ashley Benson and Matt McGorry (he plays her bf). In the film, she plays a graduate who moves to New York and gets hacked by a ratter/stalker who watches her every move through her own electronic devices. The film is shot through the perspective of the ratter, so it kinda feels like we’re watching Ashley through her webcam, which is super creepy.

At least she went to the police (unlike in PLL), doesn’t seem like they’ve done much though, and it doesn’t look like it ends well. If you want to know more about the film, check out our interview with the writer and director.

‘Ratter’ is out on DVD and digital release today, will you be watching? Let us know on Twitter @maximumpop


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