I tried to track down the pop star outfits of my dreams using fashion apps. Did it work?

Have you ever fallen in love with a pop stars outfit but can’t afford it? Well, there is these pretty cool fashion apps called Comb and ASAP54 which are designed to make shopping fun and easier for you.


Both of these apps aren’t meant to find exact copies of an outfit, but focus on the colour, style and patterns to find alternatives using images you’ve selected.

To put both of them to the test, I will be using four star styles. Ariana Grande always has the sickest stage outfits, so why not push the boat out with her and see what these apps show. Secondly, a glam dress from Selena Gomez. This is to showcase how well these apps can spot formal wear and lastly, I went with 2 casual outfits because that’s typically what they’d be used for. Taylor Swift‘s simple two-piece outfit should work well and Camila Cabello‘s stripy summer dress.


Ariana’s stage costume.


I searched multiple clothing catagories for the top half of Ari’s outfit. From tops to lingerie and swimwear. Honestly, lingerie came the closest so it’s always worth looking around.

ariana bras (1)ariana bras

There wasn’t much regarding Ariana’s shorts. Looks like I’ll have to wander around in my undies instead.ariana shorts


Although ASAP54 didn’t offer anything fitting to her outfit, they do have a section for co-ords, which is cool if you’re in the market for some.

ariana asap shorts

These ridiculous expensive Moschino shorts are the closest of anything so far and I’m kinda in love with the other shorts they’re offering too. There goes my money.ariana asap shorts (1)

Selena’s glam dress.


I’m surprised with the selection on Comb for Selena’s dress. Obviously these aren’t exact copies but they have a resemblance to the colour and pattern. Not to mention they’re all gorgeous.

selena dress 1 comb (1) selena dress 1 comb (2)


This app was a major disappointment. There wasn’t anything remotely like the dress and for some reason the options were purple.

selena asap dress

Taylor’s casual look.


With Tay’s outfit being super simple, I’d be shocked if there wasn’t anything matching it. They did have a bunch of stripy t-shirts, yay! Although none were exact replicas, they were definitely close enough.

taylor tops

The same goes for the shorts. They have a really good selection and all of these could easily pass off as Taylor’s bottoms.taylor shorts


ASAP54 is a little different. They offer different styles of clothing, ie for tops there was a cropped category, long sleeve etc which narrows down the results if you’re look for something specific.

As you can see, long sleeved didn’t work out well. However, on the short sleeved it was stripy t-shirt galore!

taylor top asap

Short wise, it either gave me long weird pairs or these perfect shorties. Sometimes you’ve just got to scroll a lot longer.taylor shorts (1)

Camila’s stripy summer dress.


This was a bit of a disaster. Nothing resembled Camila’s dress, including the shape, pattern and colour. It’s a thumbs down here.

camila comb


The same goes for this app. Although, if you wanted a dress in the same colour, it was pretty spot on for that!


camila asap

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a replica of your faves outfit you won’t find it here unless it’s a classic, staple piece of clothing, like Taylor’s t-shirt for example. However, you will find inspired clothing and there is some lovely choices that you might not have ever got the chance to see before.

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