Neon Jungle

You’re looking for facts about Asami from Neon Jungle:

  • Asami’s full name is Asami Zdrenka [source]
  • Asami is from Suffolk [source]
  • Asami is 19 and her birthday is the 15th September 1995 [source]
  • Her star sign is Virgo
  • Asami’s Twitter account is @Neon_Asami
  • Asami’s Instagram account is @Neon_Asami
  • Her biggest celebrity crushes are Harry and Niall from One Direction. She claims she used to be a ‘super fan’ and would wait for them outside TV studios. When she met them with the band recently, she says she was really proud of herself for remaining calm.
  • She reckons her style is punk
  • She likes experimenting with her look
  • Her tongue and nose are pierced
  • Asami is a fan of Dido, One Direction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash and the Foo Fighters
  • If the band hadn’t happened she reckons she’d have liked to have gone to Brighton University to study music.
  • Asami takes a toy monkey with her wherever she goes. In fact, she has a huge collection of over 100 stuffed toys!
  • She’s double jointed- alongside Amira.
  • Asami has several tattoos including an owl and a series of red roses.
  • Asami buys most of her clothes from charity shops and rarely spends over £5 on an item.
  • Apparently, if Asami wasn’t a pop star she’d love to be an archaeologist or a fisherwoman on a crab boat.
  • Asami is a bit of a daredevil – her perfect date would be to go skydiving!

Today you learnt about Asami from Neon Jungle.


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