We bet you didn’t know these pop stars started out on YouTube!

More and more fabulous stars keeping popping up from YouTube and taking over our lives. It’s not fair guys, there’s too many of you to love!


You might have forgotten, or not even know that these seven pop princess’ and princes all came from the most wonderful place of all, YouTube. Some were big time social stars, while others uploaded some insanely amazing covers.

1) Troye Sivan

Before Troye stole our hearts with ‘Youth’ and ‘Wild’, he was actually a big time YouTuber. BFFs with the likes of Zoella and Tyler Oakley, he’d post funny short videos pretty often. Sadly we don’t get many anymore but that’s ok but his music is fab af.

2) Alessia Cara

Alessia regularly uploaded covers, including Demi Lovato, Jessie J and even Adele. We keep watching these amazing videos, you deffo need to check them out.

3) Justin Bieber

We’re pushing it here, but just incase you didn’t know, Justin Bieber started out on YouTube! Yep, it’s true. Scooter Braun had found a video of little Justin performing at a talent show and rest is history. He nurtured him from a young age and now we’re blessed with the JB of today.

4) Ed Sheeran

Including couch surfing and performing a million shows in one year, Ed uploaded a couple original songs onto YouTube and it really helped grow his lovely fanbase.

5) Halsey

You might not have know this, but Halsey actually had a viral vid before she became Halsey. Going by her real name Ashley Frangipane, she uploaded a Taylor Swift parody song about her relationship with Harry Styles. Sadly she deleted all her old covers but we found a couple on other channels.

6) 5 Seconds of Summer

Thanks to YouTube and One Direction, we’ve been blessed with 5SOS. The lads use to frequently upload some cool covers of badass songs and they actually did pretty well! Obvs 1D got on board and these guys shot to fame.

7) Tori Kelly

Tori had been signed to Geffen Records when she was 12 years old, but was mutually released from the contact. She then went onto YouTube at 14 and started to post acoustic covers and ended up quite popular!

Is there anyone you think we missed out? Tweet them to us @maximumpop! We’d love to know some more amazing YouTube pop stars.

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